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Ancient Turks were so attached to their horses that rulers and warriors often had their fully harnessed mounts buried with them after they died. The Altai (also spelled Altay) Turks were united in A. 552 under leadership of a chieftain named Bumin, who, with the help of the Chinese, defeated the overlords that ruled the tribes in the Altai region and then subjugated the tribes on the Mongolian steppe.

Later, with the help of the Sassanid Persians, Bumin conquered Central Asia, which gave the Altai Turks control over the Silk Road trade route between China and the West. They were one of the first Central Asian groups to realize the importance of trade and the wealth the trade brought them allowed them to establish permanent settlements.

They were one of the first groups of people to use saddles with stirrups.

Most of the warriors in the Mongol armies were Turks.

[Source: The Cambridge History of Early Inner Asia, edited by Denis Sinor.

Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1990] “It stands to reason that the Türks of Mongolia were not the products of spontaneous generation and that one must, by necessity, reckon with other Turks living there or elsewhere in centuries preceding the foundation of the empire bearing their name.

On windward sides of the mountains are some of the wettest places in Mongolia, with glaciers, streams and numerous lakes. Natural vegetation in the region includes steppe grasses, shrubs and bushes and light forests of birch, fir, aspen, cherry, spruce, and pines, with many clearings in the forest. Among the animals are hare, mountain sheep, several species of deer, , East European woodchucks, lynx, polecat, snow leopard, wolves, bears, Argali sheep, Siberian ibex, mountains goats and deer.

Bird species include pheasant, ptarmigan, goose, partridge, Altai snowcock, owls, snipe and jay, In the streams and rivers are trout, grayling and the herring-like sig. Those that are higher than 3,000 meters are snowcapped throughout the year. The Ob, Irtysh and Yenisei all have their sources in the Altai.

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He championed many causes that would come to be associated with the modern welfare state: old age pensions, unemployment insurance, and health care.

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“But they didn’t have the money to build their dreams after the meltdown.

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And the imports of which was already supposed to be capped at a low monetary limit. Of course, as a usual caveat this time be different but whether or not this decision will be enforced, and how strictly, remains to be seen, to put it mildly.